2021 Tracker of Governor's Action on Bills

Bill #
Bill Title
House Sponsors
Senate Sponsors
Action Date
Final Bill Action
HB21-1001Remote Participation In Party Committee MeetingsD. Esgar | H. McKeanS. Fenberg | C. Holbert1/20/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1002Reductions Certain Taxpayers' Income Tax LiabilityM. Weissman | E. SirotaD. Moreno | C. Hansen1/21/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1003Legislative Proceedings During Disaster EmergencyA. BenavidezS. Fenberg1/20/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1004Colorado Uniform Electronic Wills ActM. Snyder | M. SoperB. Gardner | P. Lee1/21/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1008Forest Health Project FinancingJ. Arndt | M. CatlinJ. Cooke | C. Hansen5/20/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1009Update Division Housing Function & Local DevelopmentT. BernettJ. Bridges | D. Coram5/10/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1013Division Of Domestic Stock InsurerM. Snyder | K. Van WinkleC. Kolker5/17/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1016Transfer Jurisdiction To Veteran's Speciality CourtD. Ortiz | M. LynchL. Garcia | B. Gardner6/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1018Adoptive Parents Payments To Outside ProvidersT. Bernett | T. Van BeberS. Jaquez Lewis5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1019Modification To Regulations Of Factory-built StructuresE. HootonJ. Ginal | R. Woodward5/10/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1021Peer Support Professionals Behavioral HealthR. Pelton | Y. CaraveoR. Zenzinger | D. Hisey6/18/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1022Surrogacy AgreementsM. FroelichJ. Ginal5/6/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1025Nonsubstantive Emails And Open Meetings LawJ. ArndtJ. Ginal4/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1031Jurisdiction To Modify Family Law Orders On AppealL. Daugherty | D. WoogP. Lee | B. Gardner5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1044Winery License Include Noncontiguous AreasE. Hooton | C. LarsonJ. Bridges | B. Gardner5/21/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1045Invasive Pest Control AdministrationM. Young | D. ValdezR. Fields5/20/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1046Water Share Right Mutual Ditch CorporationJ. Arndt | M. CatlinR. Fields | J. Sonnenberg5/20/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1047County Commissioner Districts GerrymanderingC. KennedyP. Lee4/29/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1048Retail Business Must Accept CashA. ValdezR. Rodriguez5/10/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1051Public Information Applicants For Public EmploymentT. Geitner | S. BirdB. Pettersen | L. Liston5/24/2021Let Become Law
HB21-1052Define Pumped Hydroelectricity As Renewable EnergyH. McKeanR. Woodward4/22/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1054Housing Public Benefit Verification RequirementD. JacksonJ. Gonzales4/15/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1055Compensation For School District Board MembersS. WoodrowB. Pettersen | F. Winter5/17/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1056Cost Thresholds For Public Project Bidding RequirementsR. PeltonC. Hansen5/24/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1057Extortion Of Immigrants Engaging In Lawful ActsD. Roberts | K. TipperJ. Cooke | R. Rodriguez5/20/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1059Online Student ProtectionsT. Geitner | M. BradfieldP. Lundeen5/28/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1060U Visa Certification RequirementsS. Gonzales-Gutierrez | I. JodehJ. Gonzales5/10/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1061Residential Land Property Tax ClassificationM. GrayC. Hansen4/27/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1063Model Law Credit Extraterritorial ReinsuranceS. LontineR. Rodriguez4/19/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1066CDOT Colorado Department of Transportation Financial Reporting RequirementsR. Bockenfeld | D. Michaelson JenetJ. Smallwood | R. Woodward5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1067College Admission Use Of National Test ScoreC. Kipp | T. ExumT. Story | J. Buckner5/25/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1072Equal Access Services For Out-of-home PlacementsM. FroelichR. Fields | S. Jaquez Lewis4/19/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1075Replace The Term Illegal AlienS. LontineJ. Gonzales4/15/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1076Carpooling Service Internet Application Register Colorado Department Of TransportationJ. McCluskie | P. WillK. Donovan | D. Hisey4/19/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1083State Board Assessment Appeals Valuation AdjustmentA. BenavidezK. Priola | R. Zenzinger4/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1084Drivers' Licenses For Foster ChildrenT. Exum | K. Van WinkleD. Hisey | C. Kolker5/28/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1090Criminal Marijuana OffensesA. ValdezJ. Gonzales5/20/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1091Sentencing Juveniles Transferred To Adult CourtL. Daugherty | M. LynchJ. Buckner5/24/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1092Candidate Lieutenant Governor Eligible For Other OfficeD. WilliamsC. Holbert5/7/2021Veto
HB21-1095811 Locate Exemption For County Road MaintenanceM. Baisley | C. KippJ. Ginal | R. Woodward5/21/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1097Establish Behavioral Health AdministrationM. Young | R. PeltonR. Fields | B. Gardner4/22/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1099Policies And Procedures To Identify Domestic AbuseK. Ransom | D. Michaelson JenetR. Zenzinger | J. Smallwood5/24/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1100Electronic Filing Of Documents With Governmental EntitiesM. Soper | S. Gonzales-GutierrezJ. Bridges | P. Lundeen6/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1102Consumer Protection For Dog And Cat PurchasersM. Duran | M. SoperS. Jaquez Lewis5/1/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1103Media Literacy ImplementationL. Cutter | B. McLachlanB. Pettersen | D. Coram5/27/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1104Professional Educator Licensure Renewal PeriodC. Larson | B. McLachlanP. Lundeen | R. Zenzinger6/16/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1106Safe Storage Of FirearmsM. Duran | K. MullicaJ. Bridges | C. Hansen4/19/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1107Protections For Public Health Department WorkersY. Caraveo | T. CarverJ. Bridges | P. Lundeen5/18/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1108Gender Identity Expression Anti-discriminationD. EsgarD. Moreno5/20/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1112School District Scholarship ProgramsM. Snyder | M. BradfieldP. Lee | D. Hisey5/18/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1114School District Provision Of Internet ServiceK. McCormick | M. BradfieldS. Jaquez Lewis5/18/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1115Board Of Health Member RequirementsC. Kipp | K. MullicaJ. Ginal | K. Priola6/15/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1116Purple Heart Recipient Free State Park AccessR. Holtorf | D. OrtizL. Liston | L. Garcia5/28/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1117Local Government Authority Promote Affordable Housing UnitsS. Lontine | S. Gonzales-GutierrezJ. Gonzales | R. Rodriguez5/28/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1119Suicide Prevention, Intervention, & PostventionJ. Rich | L. DaughertyK. Donovan | D. Coram4/22/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1123CAPS Checks For Substantiated Mistreatment Of AdultD. Michaelson Jenet | C. LarsonR. Fields | J. Smallwood5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1124Expand Ability Conduct Business ElectronicallyS. Bird | M. SoperP. Lee4/19/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1126State Architect Authority Execute Certain LeasesE. Hooton | J. RichT. Story | J. Sonnenberg4/15/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1129Extend Deadline For Training To Teach ReadingB. McLachlan | M. BradfieldJ. Bridges | T. Story5/10/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1130Expand Transition Specialist ProgramD. Michaelson Jenet | M. BradfieldC. Kolker | B. Gardner4/20/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1131Cooperative Electric Associations Governance RequirementsJ. Amabile | M. CatlinF. Winter | D. Coram4/29/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1132Local Government Limited Gaming Impact FundJ. Amabile | M. BaisleyT. Story5/24/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1133K-12 Seizure Training & Individual Action PlansK. Mullica | I. JodehB. Pettersen | K. Priola5/28/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1136Judicial Division Retirees Temporary Judicial Duties CompensationK. Tipper | T. CarverP. Lee | B. Gardner5/4/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1137Limit Notification General Assembly Regarding Adoption Of RulesM. Weissman | K. Van WinkleP. Lee | B. Gardner4/15/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1138Restrict Off-highway Vehicles On Public RoadsB. McLachlan | M. CatlinD. Hisey5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1139Driver's License Electronic Renewal By SeniorsJ. McCluskieB. Rankin5/24/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1143Protect Survivors' Rights To Rape Kit EvidenceM. Froelich | M. SoperJ. Danielson5/27/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1146Auricular Acudetox Professional PracticeA. Pico | D. ValdezR. Zenzinger | R. Woodward4/29/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1147Simplify Architects Continuing Education RequirementD. Valdez | K. Van WinkleC. Hansen | C. Simpson4/29/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1148Colorado State Fair Annual Report Submission Date ChangeR. Bockenfeld | D. Michaelson JenetR. Fields | J. Smallwood5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1149Energy Sector Career Pathway In Higher EducationD. Jackson | B. TitoneT. Story6/16/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1151Indian Tribes To Certify Own Foster HomesB. McLachlan | M. CatlinD. Coram5/15/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1152Repeal Obsolete Capitol Dome Restoration FundD. Valdez | M. LynchB. Kirkmeyer | R. Zenzinger4/20/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1153Enter Zone Child Care Income Tax CreditJ. Arndt | D. ValdezD. Moreno5/10/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1154Modification To Child Care Tax Credit To Address DefectsM. Lynch | D. ValdezD. Moreno4/22/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1155Sales Tax Statute Modifications To Address DefectsJ. Arndt | A. PicoR. Zenzinger | R. Woodward5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1156Fix Defects Related To Severance WithholdingsM. Lynch | A. PicoB. Kirkmeyer | R. Zenzinger5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1157Accurate References For Department of Revenue Tax AdministrationJ. Arndt | M. LynchB. Kirkmeyer | R. Woodward Sign - Administratively
HB21-1158Special Fuel Farm Equipment Sales Use TaxxM. Lynch | D. ValdezB. Kirkmeyer5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1160Care Of Dogs And Cats In Pet Animal FacilitiesM. Duran | M. SoperJ. Ginal | D. Coram5/21/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1161Suspend Statewide Assessments For Select GradesE. Sirota | B. McLachlanR. Zenzinger | D. Coram3/16/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1164Total Program Mill Levy Tax CreditD. Esgar | A. GarnettR. Zenzinger | S. Fenberg6/11/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1165Assistance For Victims Of StrangulationT. Carver | M. DuranB. Gardner | P. Lee5/10/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1166Behavioral Health Crisis Response TrainingM. Young | P. WillJ. Ginal6/15/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1167Private Construction Contract PaymentsM. Duran | P. WillJ. Gonzales | R. Scott5/17/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1168Historically Underutilized Businesses Local Government ProcurementJ. Bacon | N. RicksC. Kolker6/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1169Prohibit Discrimination Organ Transplant RecipientT. Van Beber | D. OrtizB. Pettersen | J. Danielson5/6/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1173Prohibiting Legacy Preferences In Higher Ed InstsK. Mullica | M. GrayB. Pettersen | J. Bridges5/25/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1177Add Use Tax Exemption To Some Sales Tax ExemptionD. Valdez | M. LynchD. Moreno | R. Woodward4/22/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1178Correcting Errors in the Colorado Marijuana CodeA. Pico | D. ValdezR. Woodward | R. Zenzinger5/10/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1186Regional Transportation District OperationM. Gray | T. SullivanF. Winter | J. Bridges5/24/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1187Long-term Services And Support Case Management RedesignM. Young | R. PeltonF. Winter | B. Rankin5/1/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1188Additional Liability Under Respondeat SuperiorC. KennedyJ. Gonzales5/17/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1190Defining Telemedicine For Medical PractitionersJ. Rich | D. EsgarB. Kirkmeyer | R. Fields5/18/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1193Consumer Protection Supplemental Restraint SystemsM. GrayK. Priola | C. Kolker5/17/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1204Unemployment Insurance Marijuana-licensed BusinessM. SnyderC. Holbert | J. Ginal4/29/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1207Overpayment Of Workers' Compensation BenefitsL. Daugherty | A. BenavidezP. Lee | R. Fields5/17/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1212Diversity Of Governor's Appointments To BoardsM. Soper | D. EsgarD. Coram | R. Fields5/24/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1215Expansion Of Justice Crime Prevention InitiativeR. Holtorf | D. OrtizD. Hisey | P. Lee6/17/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1217Military Family Open Enrollment In Public SchoolsR. Bockenfeld | J. BaconR. Fields | P. Lundeen5/28/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1218Professional Fire Fighters License Plate StandardsM. Duran | R. BockenfeldJ. Danielson | L. Garcia5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1219Nurses Special License PlateD. Esgar | K. MullicaD. Moreno | J. Buckner6/18/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1220Colorado Child Support Commission RecommendationsM. FroelichR. Fields6/7/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1221Bullying Prevention And Education In SchoolsL. Cutter | M. YoungD. Coram6/7/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1222Regulation Of Family Child Care HomesA. Valdez | K. Van WinkleJ. Smallwood | F. Winter6/7/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1223Create Outdoor Recreation Industry OfficeB. McLachlan | M. SoperT. Story | D. Coram5/20/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1224Modification To Statutes Governing Foreclosure Of Real PropertyS. Bird | P. NevilleF. Winter5/28/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1226More Robust Check Station Aquatic Nuisance SpeciesD. Esgar | P. WillD. Coram | K. Donovan5/20/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1227Medicaid Nursing Facilities Demonstration Of NeedS. Lontine | M. SoperR. Fields | B. Kirkmeyer5/27/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1231United States Space ForceD. Ortiz | M. LynchR. Fields | J. Bridges5/28/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1232Standardized Health Benefit Plan Colorado OptionD. Roberts | I. JodehK. Donovan6/16/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1234Supplemental Education High-impact Tutoring ProgramsK. Tipper | M. BradfieldD. Moreno | B. Rankin6/16/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1236State Information TechnologyB. Titone | M. BaisleyJ. Bridges | K. Priola6/7/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1237Competitive Pharmacy Benefits Manager MarketplaceS. Lontine | J. RichB. Kirkmeyer | D. Moreno6/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1241Employee-owned Business Loan Program ModificationsL. Daugherty | M. LynchR. Rodriguez | K. Priola5/21/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1245On-track Equipment Railroad CrossingsT. SullivanJ. Ginal | D. Hisey6/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1247Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Contract Pay To Grantees Up FrontD. Jackson | H. McKeanJ. Danielson6/7/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1249Repeal Gaming City Audit RequirementD. Roberts | D. Michaelson JenetR. Rodriguez | J. Smallwood5/24/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1253Renewable And Clean Energy Project GrantsM. Froelich | M. GrayF. Winter | B. Rankin6/14/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1256Delivering Health-care Services Through TelemedicineS. LontineF. Winter | C. Simpson5/27/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1258Rapid Mental Health Response For Colorado YouthD. Michaelson Jenet | K. Van WinkleJ. Buckner | R. Woodward6/18/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1259Extended Learning OpportunitiesJ. BaconR. Fields | J. Sonnenberg6/7/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1263Meeting And Events Incentive ProgramD. Roberts | M. SoperR. Rodriguez | D. Hisey6/14/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1265Qualified Retailer Retain Sales Tax For AssistanceK. Mullica | K. Van WinkleB. Pettersen | R. Woodward6/14/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1267County Authority To Delegate Mill Levy CertificationS. Lontine | C. LarsonD. Hisey | T. Story6/18/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1268Study Emerging Technologies For Water ManagementB. Titone | P. WillC. Hansen | C. Simpson6/18/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1270Appropriation To Department Of Human Services For Supplemental Assistance Nutrition ProgramT. Exum | Y. CaraveoR. Fields | B. Kirkmeyer6/17/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1274Unused State-owned Real Property Beneficial UseB. TitoneR. Zenzinger | D. Hisey6/18/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1277Eligible Recipients For Final Disposition ExpensesD. Valdez | P. WillL. Liston | B. Pettersen6/18/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1285Funding To Support Creative Arts IndustriesA. Benavidez | L. HerodS. Jaquez Lewis | J. Buckner6/14/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1287Marriage Or Civil Union License ProceduresS. Gonzales-Gutierrez | M. SoperJ. Gonzales6/18/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1291Insurer Agent Branded Vehicle TitleK. Van Winkle | T. ExumF. Winter | K. Priola6/18/2021Sign - Administratively
HB21-1298Expand Firearm Transfer Background Check RequirementsJ. Amabile | S. WoodrowJ. Gonzales | B. Pettersen6/19/2021Sign - Ceremony
HB21-1299Office Of Gun Violence PreventionT. Sullivan | J. BaconR. Fields | C. Hansen6/19/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-001Modify COVID-19 Relief Programs For Small BusinessL. Herod | S. SandridgeF. Winter | K. Priola1/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-002Extending Limitations On Debt Collection ActionsL. HerodF. Winter | J. Gonzales1/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-003Recreate Occupational Therapy Practice ActD. Ortiz | C. LarsonR. Fields | C. Holbert1/21/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-004Jurisdiction Over Pueblo Chemical DepotD. Esgar | S. LuckL. Garcia | C. Simpson4/20/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-006Human Remains Natural Reduction SoilM. Soper | B. TitoneR. Rodriguez5/10/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-008Remove Junior From Certain College NamesD. Valdez | R. HoltorfC. Simpson5/18/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-011Pharmacist Prescribe Dispense Opiate AntagonistK. Mullica | R. PeltonR. Fields6/4/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-012Former Inmates With Fire Service ExperienceD. RobertsK. Donovan4/15/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-013Reversing COVID-related Learning LossJ. Bacon | M. FroelichR. Fields5/13/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-015Veterans Service Organization Stipend For Funeral ServicesD. Ortiz | M. LynchJ. Cooke | L. Garcia5/27/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-019Authorize Notices Of Valuation On PostcardK. Tipper | J. RichC. Kolker | C. Simpson3/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-020Energy Equipment And Facility Property Tax ValuationA. Valdez | M. SoperC. Hansen | D. Hisey4/22/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-021Audiology And Speech-language Interstate CompactM. Young | T. CarverJ. Buckner | D. Hisey5/28/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-022Notification Requirements For Health Care Policy And Financing AuditM. Snyder | H. McKeanJ. Bridges | J. Smallwood5/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-024Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans DayT. SullivanS. Jaquez Lewis | B. Rankin3/30/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-026Restoration Of Honor ActD. OrtizD. Moreno4/19/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-030Criminal Theft Of Rental PropertyK. Van Winkle | B. TitoneC. Holbert5/27/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-035Restrictions On Third-party Food Delivery ServicesS. BirdR. Rodriguez6/4/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-040Driver's History Profession Or Occupation DecisionJ. Rich | D. RobertsR. Scott | J. Gonzales4/26/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-041Department of Corrections SupplementalJ. McCluskieD. Moreno3/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-042Department of Governor, Lt Governor, & OSPB SupplementalJ. McCluskieD. Moreno3/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-043Department of Health Care Policy & Financing SupplementalJ. McCluskieD. Moreno3/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-044Department of Human Services SupplementalJ. McCluskieD. Moreno3/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-045Judicial Department SupplementalJ. McCluskieD. Moreno3/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-046Department of Law SupplementalJ. McCluskieD. Moreno3/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-047Department of Natural Resources SupplementalJ. McCluskieD. Moreno3/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-048Department of Personnel SupplementalJ. McCluskieD. Moreno3/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-049Department of Public Safety SupplementalJ. McCluskieD. Moreno3/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-050Department of State SupplementalJ. McCluskieD. Moreno3/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-051Department of Treasury SupplementalJ. McCluskieD. Moreno3/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-052Capital Construction SupplementalJ. McCluskieD. Moreno3/12/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-053Adjustments To School Funding Fiscal Year 2020-21J. McCluskie | B. McLachlanD. Moreno | R. Zenzinger3/15/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-054Transfers For Wildfire Mitigation And ResponseJ. McCluskieC. Hansen | B. Rankin3/21/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-055Collection Of State DebtsK. RansomD. Moreno3/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-056Expand Cannabis-based Medicine At SchoolsK. Van Winkle | M. GrayC. Holbert | J. Gonzales5/5/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-058Approval Of Alternative Principal ProgramsS. Woodrow | C. LarsonT. Story | D. Coram5/24/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-059Juvenile Justice Code ReorganizationS. Gonzales-Gutierrez | T. GeitnerP. Lee | B. Gardner5/13/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-064Retaliation Against An Elected OfficialK. MullicaL. Garcia | J. Cooke5/27/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-065Gasoline And Special Fuels Tax Info DisclosureK. MullicaL. Liston3/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-066Juvenile Diversion ProgramsD. Michaelson JenetP. Lee4/29/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-067Strengthening Civics EducationB. McLachlan | T. CarverD. Coram | C. Hansen5/6/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-068Concerning the enactment of the Colorado Revised Statutes 2020 as the positive and statutory law of the state of Colorado.M. Soper | M. SnyderB. Gardner | P. Lee3/25/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-070County Authority To Register BusinessesS. BirdD. Moreno4/7/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-073Civil Action Statute Of Limitations Sexual AssaultD. Michaelson Jenet | M. SoperJ. Danielson | D. Coram4/15/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-075Supported Decision-making AgreementK. Tipper | M. YoungB. Gardner | J. Ginal4/26/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-077Remove Lawful Presence Verification CredentialingA. Benavidez | C. KippJ. Gonzales5/27/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-078Lost Or Stolen FirearmsT. Sullivan | L. HerodS. Jaquez Lewis | J. Danielson4/19/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-079Deregulate Meat Sales Direct To ConsumersR. Pelton | D. ValdezJ. Sonnenberg4/29/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-082Alcohol Beverage Festival For Tastings And SalesK. Mullica | D. WilliamsK. Priola | B. Pettersen5/28/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-083Higher Education Student Financial Assistance FundingL. HerodC. Hansen3/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-084Local Government Authority Roughed-in RoadsM. GrayJ. Smallwood4/22/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-090Small Group Health Insurance Plan RenewalE. HootonJ. Smallwood3/25/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-092Sunset Surgical Assistants And Surgical TechnologistsI. Jodeh | M. SoperC. Kolker | C. Simpson5/17/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-093Sunset Continue Healthcare Infections Advisory CommitteeS. LontineJ. Bridges5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-096Sunset Workers' Compensation Classification Appeals BoardS. BirdC. Kolker | K. Priola4/15/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-097Sunset Continue Medical Transparency ActY. Caraveo | D. WilliamsL. Garcia | J. Smallwood5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-099Sunset License Plate Disability Support ActM. Young | T. Van BeberJ. Danielson5/6/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-100Sunset Continue Council Higher Education RepresentativesJ. McCluskieJ. Buckner5/17/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-101Sunset Direct-entry MidwivesY. Caraveo | D. WilliamsR. Fields | T. Story5/28/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-102Sunset Dental Hygienists Specialized FunctionsM. Duran | P. WillJ. Buckner | C. Simpson4/15/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-104Sunset Special Education Fiscal Advisory CommitteeC. Kipp | A. BoeseneckerR. Zenzinger5/17/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-107Honoring Carrie Ann LucasM. Young | B. McLachlanJ. Danielson4/26/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-109Bond Payments For Auraria Higher Education CenterJ. McCluskie | L. HerodC. Hansen | B. Rankin3/12/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-110Fund Safe Revitalization Of Main StreetsL. Herod | T. ExumR. Zenzinger | K. Priola3/19/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-111Program To Support Marijuana EntrepreneursL. Herod | D. OrtizD. Moreno | J. Gonzales3/21/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-112General Fund Transfer To Capital Construction Fund State ParksJ. McCluskie | P. WillL. Garcia | C. Simpson3/21/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-113Firefighting Aircraft Wildfire Mgmt And ResponseJ. McCluskie | M. LynchS. Fenberg | B. Rankin3/21/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-115Annual Funding For Talking Book Library ServicesB. Titone | C. LarsonR. Zenzinger | P. Lundeen5/28/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-117Foster Care Student Services CoordinationD. Michaelson JenetD. Moreno4/26/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-118Alternative Response Mistreatment At-risk AdultsR. Pelton | M. SnyderJ. Ginal | B. Gardner6/17/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-121Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property ActR. Bockenfeld | S. BirdC. Hansen | K. Priola4/15/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-122Opiate Antagonist Bulk Purchase And Standing OrdersM. FroelichJ. Ginal4/15/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-123Expand Canadian Rx Import ProgramK. McCormick | M. LynchJ. Ginal | D. Coram4/26/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-124Changes To Felony MurderM. WeissmanP. Lee4/26/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-130Local Authority for Business Personal Property Tax ExemptionK. Van Winkle | S. BirdC. Holbert | B. Pettersen4/29/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-133Donated Alcohol Beverages For Special EventsM. Catlin | P. WillD. Coram5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-135Prohibit Certain Animals In Traveling Animal ActM. Duran | M. FroelichJ. Ginal | R. Zenzinger5/14/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-136Sunset Forest Health Advisory CouncilL. Cutter | T. CarverJ. Ginal | D. Coram5/28/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-139Coverage For Telehealth Dental ServicesS. Lontine | M. SoperR. Fields | C. Simpson5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-141Statewide Internet Portal Authority Competitive Solicitation MethodT. Bernett | M. BaisleyK. Priola | C. Kolker4/15/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-142Health Care Access In Cases Of Rape Or IncestY. Caraveo | J. McCluskieB. Pettersen | K. Donovan5/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-143Uniform Collaborative Law ActK. Tipper | M. SnyderB. Gardner5/17/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-144Sunset Homeland Security And All-hazards Advisory CommitteeB. Titone | T. Van BeberL. Garcia | J. Cooke4/29/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-145Extending Expiring Tax Check-offsD. ValdezC. Simpson4/22/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-147Sunset Continue Licensing Of Athletic TrainersM. Froelich | K. Van WinkleR. Fields | C. Holbert5/21/2021Let Become Law
SB21-151Literacy Curriculum TransparencyM. Young | J. RichJ. Buckner | B. Rankin6/18/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-152Rule Review BillL. Herod | M. SoperP. Lee | B. Gardner5/10/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-153Department of Corrections Offender Identification Assistance ProgramD. Ortiz | K. TipperJ. Coleman | J. Cooke5/6/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-155Limited Gaming Commission Member From Gaming AreaJ. Amabile | M. BaisleyD. Hisey | T. Story5/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-156Nurse Intake Of 911 Calls Grant ProgramK. MullicaL. Garcia6/18/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-157Increase Cap Charter School Moral Obligation BondsD. Michaelson Jenet | M. BaisleyK. Priola4/15/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-160ModificationTo Local Government Election CodesM. SnyderB. Gardner5/13/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-162Colorado Uniform Trust Code Part 5M. Snyder | M. SoperB. Gardner5/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-167Regulation Of Child Care CentersM. Gray | C. LarsonC. Holbert | J. Bridges5/13/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-171Uniform Fiduciary Income And Principal ActM. Snyder | M. SoperB. Gardner5/17/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-175Prescription Drug Affordability Review BoardY. Caraveo | C. KennedyS. Jaquez Lewis | J. Gonzales6/16/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-178Extend Care Subfund Deadline For COVID-19 ProgramsJ. McCluskieD. Moreno5/13/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-179Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative Advisory BoardC. Kipp | M. LynchR. Zenzinger | B. Kirkmeyer5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-185Supporting Educator Workforce In ColoradoB. McLachlan | J. McCluskieR. Zenzinger | B. Rankin6/16/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-188Ballot Access For Voters With DisabilitiesM. Duran | D. OrtizJ. Danielson5/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-191Residency Requirement Western Colorado University BoardB. McLachlan | J. McCluskieK. Donovan5/21/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-192Housing Mentors In Youthful Offender FacilityJ. AmabileJ. Gonzales5/6/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-195Notarization Of Certain Probate DocumentsM. Snyder | M. SoperT. Story5/7/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-196Fiscal Year 2021-22 Legislative Appropriation BillD. EsgarS. Fenberg4/26/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-198Repeal Capital Construction Education Fund Report RequirementD. Roberts | R. BockenfeldJ. Smallwood | R. Rodriguez5/13/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-201Stricter Transparency & Enforcement In Child CareM. Young | A. BoeseneckerJ. Danielson | B. Pettersen6/16/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-202Public School Air Quality Improvement GrantsE. Sirota | C. LarsonD. Moreno | P. Lundeen6/16/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-204Rural Economic Development Initiative Grant Program FundingM. Young | T. Van BeberK. Donovan | B. Rankin6/15/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-2052021-22 Long Appropriations BillJ. McCluskieD. Moreno5/17/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-206Educator Licensure Cash FundJ. McCluskieD. Moreno5/4/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-207Public School Capital Construction Assistance Fund TransferL. HerodD. Moreno | B. Rankin4/30/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-208General Fund Transfer To State Education FundL. HerodD. Moreno5/4/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-209Transfer To General Fund From Repealed Cash FundsJ. McCluskieB. Rankin4/30/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-210Remote Supports For Elderly, Blind, And Disabled WaiverK. RansomC. Hansen4/30/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-211Adult Dental BenefitL. HerodD. Moreno5/4/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-212Primary Care Payments Align Federal FundingJ. McCluskieD. Moreno5/4/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-213Use Of Increased Medicaid MatchJ. McCluskieD. Moreno5/4/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-214State Payment Hospice Providers Residential CareJ. McCluskieC. Hansen5/4/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-215Use Of Open Educational Resources In Higher EducationL. Herod | J. McCluskieC. Hansen | B. Rankin5/5/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-216Auxiliary Services Rural AreasL. HerodB. Rankin4/30/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-217Market Rate Study For Child Care Assistance ProgramL. Herod | J. McCluskieC. Hansen | B. Rankin5/4/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-218Colorado Department Of Labor And Employment Employment And Training Technology FundJ. McCluskieC. Hansen | B. Rankin4/27/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-219Colorado Avalanche Information Center Fund AppropriationsJ. McCluskieB. Rankin4/30/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-220Reverse Transfers From Severance Tax Operational FundL. HerodC. Hansen | B. Rankin4/30/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-221Projects Under Wildfire Risk Mitigation Grant ProgramJ. McCluskieC. Hansen | B. Rankin5/4/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-222Repeal Recovery Audit ProgramK. RansomB. Rankin5/4/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-223Location of Department of Revenue Administrative HearingK. RansomC. Hansen5/4/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-224Capital-related Transfers Of MoneyK. RansomC. Hansen4/29/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-225Repay Cash Funds For 2020 TransfersK. RansomB. Rankin4/29/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-226Increase The General Fund ReserveJ. McCluskieD. Moreno5/17/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-227State Emergency ReserveK. RansomD. Moreno | B. Rankin4/29/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-228PERA Public Employees Retirement Association Payment Cash FundJ. McCluskie | K. RansomC. Hansen | D. Moreno5/4/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-229Rural Jump-start Zone Grant ProgramJ. Amabile | H. McKeanJ. Danielson | T. Story6/15/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-230Transfer To Colorado Energy Office Energy FundA. Valdez | T. BernettC. Hansen | F. Winter6/14/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-231Energy Office Weatherization Assistance GrantsE. Hooton | M. WeissmanT. Story | D. Hisey6/14/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-234General Fund Transfer Agriculture And Drought ResiliencyL. Cutter | R. HoltorfS. Jaquez Lewis | J. Sonnenberg6/15/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-235Stimulus Funding Department Of Agriculture Efficiency ProgramsT. Bernett | K. McCormickS. Jaquez Lewis | K. Priola6/15/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-236Increase Capacity Early Childhood Care & EducationK. Tipper | T. Van BeberT. Story | J. Sonnenberg6/16/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-2392-1-1 Statewide Human Services Referral SystemJ. Amabile | M. YoungC. Kolker | R. Zenzinger6/18/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-240Watershed Restoration Grant Program StimulusC. Kipp | M. CatlinJ. Danielson | C. Simpson6/15/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-241Small Business Accelerated Growth ProgramN. Ricks | L. DaughertyR. Fields | J. Bridges6/14/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-251General Fund Loan Family Medical Leave ProgramM. Gray | Y. CaraveoF. Winter | D. Moreno6/14/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-252Community Revitalization Grant ProgramB. Titone | S. LontineS. Fenberg | C. Holbert6/16/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-256Local Regulation Of FirearmsE. Hooton | L. DaughertyS. Fenberg | D. Moreno6/19/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-258Wildfire Risk MitigationM. Snyder | M. FroelichJ. Ginal | B. Rankin6/15/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-260Sustainability Of The Transportation SystemA. Garnett | M. GrayS. Fenberg | F. Winter6/17/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-265Transfer From General Fund To State Highway FundJ. McCluskie | H. McKeanR. Zenzinger | B. Rankin6/18/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-268Public School FinanceB. McLachlan | J. McCluskieR. Zenzinger | P. Lundeen6/11/2021Sign - Ceremony
SB21-272Measures To Modernize The Public Utilities CommissionT. BernettC. Hansen | S. Fenberg6/10/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-281State Severance Tax Trust Fund AllocationJ. McCluskie | K. RansomC. Hansen | B. Rankin6/18/2021Sign - Administratively
SB21-288American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Cash FundD. Esgar | A. ValdezD. Moreno | B. Rankin6/11/2021Sign - Ceremony