2020 Tracker of Governor's Action on Bills

Bill #
Bill Title
House Sponsors
Senate Sponsors
Action Date
Final Bill Action
HB20-1001Nicotine Product RegulationK. Mullica | C. LarsonJ. Bridges | K. Priola7/14/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1002College Credit For Work ExperienceB. McLachlan | M. BaisleyR. Zenzinger | T. Story7/8/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1003Rural Jump-start Zone Act ModificationsD. Roberts | J. RichK. Donovan | R. Scott7/6/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1009Suppressing Court Records Of Eviction ProceedingsD. JacksonF. Winter3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1010Colorado Accurate Residence For Redistricting ActK. Tipper | J. ColemanJ. Gonzales | K. Donovan3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1013Specify Procedure Ratify Defective Corporate ActionsM. SnyderP. Lee3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1014Misuse Of Human Reproductive MaterialK. Tipper | J. RichB. Gardner7/6/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1017Substance Use Disorder Treatment In Criminal Justice SystemL. Herod | C. KennedyK. Donovan | K. Priola7/13/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1019Prison Population Reduction And ManagementL. HerodJ. Gonzales3/6/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1020Long-term Lodging Sales Tax ExemptionM. Snyder | A. BenavidezD. Moreno3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1021Colorado Youth Advisory Council MembershipH. McKean | B. BuentelloN. Todd | D. Coram2/26/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1022Sales And Use Tax Simplification Task ForceT. Kraft-Tharp | K. Van WinkleA. Williams | J. Tate6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1023State Address Data For Sales And Use Tax CollectionT. Kraft-Tharp | K. Van WinkleA. Williams | J. Tate3/11/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1024Net Operating Loss Deduction ModificationsA. Benavidez | M. SnyderD. Moreno6/26/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1026Create Twenty-third Judicial DistrictK. Van Winkle | M. WeissmanR. Fields | B. Gardner3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1027Colorado State Patrol Port Of Entry Direct TrafficM. Catlin | D. EsgarJ. Cooke | R. Fields3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1029Allow County Officers To Accept Lower SalaryR. PeltonD. Hisey7/7/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1030Commercial Vehicle Annual Fleet Overweight PermitsD. Valdez | M. GrayR. Scott | D. Hisey3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1031Replace Columbus Day With New State HolidayA. Benavidez | K. MullicaA. Williams | C. Hansen3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1032Timing K-12 Education Standards ReviewC. Kipp | J. WilsonJ. Ginal | D. Coram7/11/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1036Align Emergency Medical Service Provider StatutesJ. Arndt | H. McKeanR. Woodward | R. Zenzinger3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1037Augmentation Of Instream FlowsJ. ArndtD. Coram3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1038Repeal Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Youth Services StatutesJ. Arndt | K. Van WinkleR. Woodward | D. Moreno3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1039Transparent State Web Portal Search RulesJ. Coleman | M. BaisleyR. Zenzinger | J. Tate3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1041Physician Assistants Financial Responsibility RequirementsL. Cutter | H. McKeanR. Fields3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1042PFAS Polyfluoroalky Substances Manufacturer Notice RequirementsD. Valdez | H. McKeanD. Moreno | J. Tate3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1044Modify Pension Plans Administered By FPPA Fire And Police Pension AssociationS. Bird | A. GarnettL. Garcia | J. Ginal4/1/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1048Race Trait Hairstyle Anti-discrimination ProtectL. Herod | J. BucknerR. Fields3/6/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1050Other Outlet Pharmacies Drug DistributionE. Hooton | C. LarsonJ. Ginal | J. Tate3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1051Identification Of Veteran Remains For Proper Military BurialJ. Rich | M. DuranR. Scott | L. Crowder3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1052Privacy Protections For Human Services WorkersT. Carver | J. SingerB. Gardner | P. Lee3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1053Supports For Early Childhood Educator WorkforceE. Sirota | J. WilsonT. Story | B. Pettersen7/8/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1055Vintner's Restaurant Alternating ProprietorA. Garnett | L. ListonJ. Bridges | K. Priola3/11/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1056Nonsubstantive Reorganization Dental Practice ActL. Landgraf | M. DuranL. Crowder | J. Ginal3/23/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1057Modify Wildfire Risk Mitigation Grant ProgramT. Carver | J. McCluskieD. Coram | S. Fenberg3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1061Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Prevention MedicationsA. Valdez | L. HerodD. Moreno | K. Priola7/13/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1062Colorado Student Free Expression LawB. McLachlanP. Lee | D. Coram3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1065Harm Reduction Substance Use DisordersC. Kennedy | L. HerodB. Pettersen | K. Priola7/13/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1067Managment Of Property Held By Certain Junior College DistrictsD. Roberts | P. WillT. Story | R. Fields3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1074Trash Collection By Special DistrictsK. Ransom | B. TitoneJ. Smallwood3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1077Modifications Of County Treasurer DutiesJ. Rich | D. ValdezC. Holbert3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1078Pharmacy Benefit Management Firm Claims PaymentsS. Jaquez Lewis | K. MullicaF. Winter4/1/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1080Remove Residency Requirement For Marijuana LicenseM. Gray | K. Van WinkleJ. Gonzales | V. Marble3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1082State Historical Society Authority To Sell PropertyA. Valdez | J. RichT. Story | R. Fields6/19/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1085Prevention Of Substance Use DisordersC. Kennedy | L. HerodF. Winter | K. Priola7/2/2020Veto
HB20-1087Parks And Wildlife Law Enforcement Statutes CleanupP. Will | J. ArndtK. Donovan | B. Rankin3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1093County Authority License And Regulate BusinessJ. McCluskie | J. WilsonK. Donovan | B. Rankin3/23/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1094Repeal Fee Cap On-site Wastewater Treatment SystemM. Catlin | J. ArndtJ. Ginal | D. Coram3/11/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1095Local Governments Water Elements In Master PlansJ. ArndtJ. Bridges | C. Hansen3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1100Pass-through Child Support PaymentsM. FroelichL. Crowder3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1101Assisted Living Residence ReferralsJ. WilsonD. Hisey | N. Todd3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1104Court Procedures Relinquishment Parental RightsK. Ransom | J. BucknerL. Crowder3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1108Fort Lewis College Board Of TrusteesB. McLachlanD. Coram3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1109Tax Credit Employer Contributions To Employee 529sK. Van Winkle | A. GarnettB. Gardner | N. Todd6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1113Mental Health Educational ResourcesB. Titone | K. Van WinkleJ. Bridges | P. Lundeen7/8/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1116Procurement Technical Assistance Program ExtensionD. Esgar | T. SullivanN. Todd | B. Gardner6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1119State Government Regulation Of Perfluoroalkyl And Polyfluoroalkyl SubstancesT. Exum | L. LandgrafD. Hisey | P. Lee6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1124Disaster Emergency Transfers From County General FundsH. McKean | M. SnyderB. Gardner3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1127Extend Public Employees' Retirement Association Retiree Work After Retirement LimitJ. McCluskie | B. McLachlanN. Todd | J. Sonnenberg7/13/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1128Educator Education Requirements Special EducationB. Buentello | J. WilsonR. Zenzinger | K. Priola3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1132County Reimbursement For Local Elections SuppliesS. LontineS. Fenberg3/4/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1133Land Use Entitlements And Municipal DisconnectionT. Kraft-Tharp | H. McKeanJ. Tate4/1/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1135Replace High School Social Studies AssessmentP. Buck | B. McLachlanN. Todd | P. Lundeen7/13/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1136Insurance Investment Regulation ModernizationM. SnyderC. Hansen | J. Tate3/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1137Broadband Grant Certification Of Unserved Area RequirementJ. McCluskie | M. SoperK. Donovan7/6/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1143Environmental Justice And Projects Increase Environmental FinesD. Jackson | S. Gonzales-GutierrezF. Winter7/2/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1145Move Over Or Slow Down For Official VehicleH. McKeanC. Holbert | L. Garcia4/17/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1148Offenses Committed Against A Deceased Human BodyM. Soper | J. SingerR. Fields | B. Gardner4/1/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1153Colorado Partnership For Quality Jobs And Services ActD. EsgarL. Garcia | B. Pettersen6/16/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1155Higher Efficiency New Construction ResidenceA. Valdez | M. WeissmanC. Hansen | K. Priola6/30/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1156CO Colorado Municipal Election Code Administrative ModificationsM. Froelich | H. McKeanR. Zenzinger | D. Hisey3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1157Loaned Water For Instream Flows To Improve EnvironmentD. Roberts | P. WillK. Donovan3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1158Insurance Cover Infertility Diagnosis Treatment PreserveK. Tipper | L. HerodF. Winter | S. Fenberg4/1/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1159State Engineer Confirm Existing Use Instream FlowD. Roberts | M. CatlinK. Donovan | D. Coram4/1/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1161Private Activity Bond AllocationS. BirdF. Winter | J. Tate3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1165Interior Design PracticeT. Kraft-Tharp | H. McKeanR. Zenzinger | D. Coram4/1/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1166Amendments Due To Automatic Repeal of Tax CreditJ. Arndt | H. McKeanJ. Tate4/1/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1167Move Alternative Fuel DefinitionJ. ArndtD. Moreno3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1174Sales Tax Statute Modifications To Address DefectH. McKean | D. ValdezJ. Tate4/1/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1175Modify Certain Tax Statutes To Address DefectsH. McKean | D. ValdezJ. Tate3/27/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1176Income Tax Statute Modification To Address DefectsD. ValdezJ. Tate3/27/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1177Enterprise Zone Statute Fixes Of DefectsJ. ArndtJ. Tate6/23/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1178Increase Speed Limit On Certain Rural HighwaysR. HoltorfJ. Sonnenberg3/27/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1179Rule Review BillL. Herod | M. SoperB. Gardner | P. Lee3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1181Nonprofit Transit Authority Agency Fuel TaxJ. Arndt | H. McKeanD. Moreno | R. Woodward3/27/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1182Residents Of Bordering States Sales Tax ExemptionJ. Arndt | H. McKeanD. Moreno3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1183Sunset Continue Certification Of Nurse AidesK. MullicaJ. Ginal6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1184Sunset Colorado Seed ActB. Buentello | R. PeltonD. Hisey | K. Donovan6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1185Sunset Colorado Kids Outdoors Advisory CouncilE. Hooton | L. SaineR. Fields3/27/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1196Mobile Home Park Act UpdatesE. Hooton | J. McCluskieS. Fenberg | P. Lee6/30/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-11972-1-1 Statewide Human Services Referral SystemM. Snyder | J. RichJ. Bridges6/22/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1200Sunset Homeowners' Association Information And Resource CenterB. Titone | M. WeissmanT. Story6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1201Mobile Home Park Residents Opportunity To PurchaseE. Hooton | S. Gonzales-GutierrezD. Moreno | J. Ginal6/30/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1205Pre-1987 Net Operating Loss DeductionH. McKeanD. Moreno3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1206Sunset Mental Health ProfessionalsD. Michaelson Jenet | L. LandgrafF. Winter | J. Tate7/14/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1207Sunset Regulation Of Private InvestigatorsJ. Melton | J. WilsonM. Foote | J. Cooke7/11/2020Veto
HB20-1208Sunset Coal Mine Board Of ExaminersD. Roberts | P. WillK. Donovan6/23/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1209Sunset Nurse-physician Advisory Task ForceL. Cutter | K. MullicaJ. Ginal6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1210Sunset State Board Of Chiropractic ExaminersY. Caraveo | M. DuranR. Fields6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1211Sunset Regulation Of Egg DealersD. Valdez | R. HoltorfR. Rodriguez6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1212Sunset Naturopathic DoctorsL. Landgraf | Y. CaraveoN. Todd | J. Tate7/2/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1213Sunset Commodity Handler And Farm Products ActsM. Young | R. PeltonR. Rodriguez | J. Sonnenberg6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1214Sunset Home Warranty Service ContractsM. Snyder | D. WilliamsJ. Tate6/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1215Sunset Water Wastewater Facility Operators Certification BoardA. Valdez | M. FroelichM. Foote7/11/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1216Sunset Continue Nurse Practice ActK. MullicaJ. Ginal6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1217Sunset Marijuana Financial Services CooperativesM. Gray | H. McKeanD. Moreno3/27/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1218Sunset Continue Hearing Aid ProvidersJ. Buckner | S. Jaquez LewisJ. Danielson7/14/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1219Sunset Continue Licensing AudiologistsJ. Buckner | S. Jaquez LewisJ. Danielson7/14/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1225Cooperative Electric Utilities Reasonable Rates Energy StorageM. Weissman | M. CatlinS. Fenberg | D. Coram3/27/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1229Peace Officers Standards and Training Board Scholarship Rural And Small Law EnforcementB. BuentelloJ. Cooke | J. Bridges6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1230Sunset Occupational Therapy Practice ActJ. Singer | C. LarsonR. Fields7/11/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1232Equity In Access To Clinical Trials In MedicaidD. Michaelson Jenet | L. ListonN. Todd | K. Priola7/10/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1236Health Care Coverage Easy Enrollment ProgramS. Lontine | P. WillJ. Tate | J. Bridges7/6/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1237Medicaid Managed Care Assignment For Child WelfareM. Young | L. SaineD. Moreno | J. Sonnenberg7/11/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1242Department of Agriculture SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1243Department of Corrections SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1244Department of Education SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1245Department of Governor, Lt. Governor, & OSPB SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1246Department of Health Care Policy & Financing SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1247Department of Higher Education SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1248Department of Human Services SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1249Judicial Department SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1250Department of Law SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1251Department of Local Affairs SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1252Department of Military Affairs SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1253Department of Natural Resources SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1254Department of Personnel SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1255Department of Public Health & Environment SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1256Department of Public Safety SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1257Department of Revenue SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1258Department of Treasury SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1259Capital Construction SupplementalD. EsgarD. Moreno3/4/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1260School Finance Adjustment To 2019-20 Total ProgramD. Esgar | J. McCluskieR. Zenzinger | B. Rankin3/11/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1261General Fund Transfer To Information Technology Capital AccountD. Esgar | K. RansomD. Moreno | B. Rankin3/11/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1262Housing Assistance Justice System Transition MoneyD. Esgar | J. McCluskieD. Moreno | R. Zenzinger3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1265Increase Public Protection Air Toxics EmissionsA. Benavidez | A. ValdezJ. Gonzales | D. Moreno7/2/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1275In-state Tuition At Community College For MilitaryB. BuentelloD. Hisey | P. Lee3/27/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1280CDHE Data For Student Return On Investment MetricsC. Kipp | C. LarsonJ. Bridges | J. Smallwood3/27/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1281Change Salary Categorizations For Certain CountiesR. Pelton | D. ValdezD. Hisey6/26/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1285Sunset Motorcycle Operator Safety Training ProgramT. SullivanM. Foote7/13/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1286Sunset Regulation Of Fantasy SportsA. Garnett | D. WilliamsT. Story | J. Cooke7/10/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1289Align Precinct Caucus Eligibility DeadlinesC. KennedyM. Foote | C. Holbert3/3/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1290Failure-to-cooperate Defense First-party InsuranceA. GarnettS. Fenberg7/2/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1293Emergency Telephone Service ChargesJ. McCluskie | R. PeltonD. Coram | J. Gonzales7/10/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1297Immunization Status And Child Abuse NeglectM. Baisley | J. SingerP. Lundeen7/10/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1300Changes To Local School Food Purchasing ProgramB. Buentello | R. PeltonJ. Bridges | D. Coram3/27/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1301Electronic Attendance In School District Board MeetingB. McLachlanJ. Sonnenberg3/18/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1302CAPS Check Program ChangesS. LontineJ. Danielson7/10/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1312Behavioral Health Training Requirements Educator LicenseD. Michaelson Jenet | B. TitoneN. Todd | D. Hisey7/8/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1313Administration Of Late BallotsT. SullivanN. Todd7/10/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1318Standards For Recording PlatsS. Bird | P. WillF. Winter7/6/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1326Create Occupational Credential Portability ProgramS. Bird | K. Van WinkleP. Lee | B. Gardner6/25/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1330CGIA Colorado Governmental Immunity Act And A State Hospital AuthorityS. Lontine | H. McKeanB. Gardner | P. Lee7/2/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1332Prohibit Housing Discrimination Source Of IncomeL. Herod | D. JacksonR. Fields7/14/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1336Holocaust And Genocide Studies In Public SchoolsD. Michaelson Jenet | E. SirotaS. Fenberg | D. Hisey7/8/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1343Egg-laying Hen Confinement StandardsD. RobertsK. Donovan7/1/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1345Fiscal Year 2020-21 Legislative Appropriation BillA. Garnett | P. NevilleS. Fenberg | C. Holbert6/23/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1347Licensure Exemption For Family Child Care HomesM. Young | S. Jaquez LewisJ. Danielson | C. Hansen7/8/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1359Ballot Access Modifications Public Health ConcernsA. Garnett | P. NevilleS. Fenberg | C. Holbert3/16/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-13602020-21 Long BillD. EsgarD. Moreno6/22/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1361Reduce The Adult Dental BenefitD. Esgar | J. McCluskieD. Moreno | R. Zenzinger6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1362Limit Increase to Medicaid Nursing Facility RatesJ. McCluskie | K. RansomR. Zenzinger6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1363Repeal Report On Increase Rate For Direct SupportJ. McCluskie | K. RansomD. Moreno | B. Rankin6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1364Repeal Opioid Awareness Program And AppropriationD. Esgar | K. RansomD. Moreno | R. Zenzinger6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1365Sustain Funding History ColoradoD. Esgar | J. McCluskieB. Rankin | D. Moreno6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1366Higher Education Funding Allocation ModelD. Esgar | J. McCluskieR. Zenzinger | B. Rankin6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1367Reallocate State Sales And Use Tax To General FundK. RansomD. Moreno6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1368Delay Implementation Of House Bill 19-1229J. McCluskie | K. RansomR. Zenzinger | B. Rankin7/13/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1369Reduce Prosecution Training AppropriationJ. McCluskie | K. RansomR. Zenzinger | B. Rankin6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1370Transfers From Unclaimed Property Trust Fund HousD. Esgar | J. McCluskieD. Moreno | B. Rankin6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1371Delay Substance Use And Mental Health Services Grant ProgramD. Esgar | J. McCluskieD. Moreno | R. Zenzinger6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1372Operational Fund Mined Land Reclamation RepealD. Esgar | J. McCluskieB. Rankin6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1374Repeal Waste Grease ProgramD. Esgar | K. RansomR. Zenzinger | B. Rankin6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1375Repeal Law Enforcement Grant Appropriation Roll-forwardK. RansomR. Zenzinger | B. Rankin6/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1376Modify Transportation Funding MechanismsD. Esgar | J. McCluskieR. Zenzinger | B. Rankin6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1377Fund Controlled Maintenance ProjectsD. Esgar | J. McCluskieR. Zenzinger | B. Rankin6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1378Capital-related Transfers Of MoneyD. Esgar | J. McCluskieD. Moreno | R. Zenzinger6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1379Suspend Direct Distribution To PERA Public Employees Retirement Association For 2020-21 Fiscal YearK. RansomB. Rankin6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1380Move Tobacco Litigation Settlement Moneys General FundJ. McCluskie | K. RansomD. Moreno | R. Zenzinger6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1381Cash Fund Transfers General FundD. EsgarR. Zenzinger | B. Rankin6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1382Repeal Cash Funds With General Fund ReversionsJ. McCluskie | K. RansomD. Moreno | B. Rankin6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1383Reduce The General Fund ReserveD. Esgar | K. RansomD. Moreno | B. Rankin6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1384Wraparound Services For Eligible at-Risk ChildrenD. Esgar | J. McCluskieD. Moreno6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1385Use Of Increased Medicaid MatchD. Esgar | J. McCluskieD. Moreno | R. Zenzinger6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1386Use Fees For Medical Assistance Program General Fund OffsetJ. McCluskieD. Moreno6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1387Transfers From Unexpended County ReimbursementsD. EsgarD. Moreno6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1388Statutory Provisions Divert General Fund ReversionsK. RansomR. Zenzinger6/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1389Suspend Transfers Child Welfare Services Cash FundJ. McCluskie | K. RansomD. Moreno | R. Zenzinger6/24/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1390Discontinue Division of Youth Services Trauma Pilot ProgramD. Esgar | K. RansomD. Moreno | B. Rankin6/26/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1391Behavioral Health Programs AppropriationsD. Esgar | J. McCluskieD. Moreno | R. Zenzinger6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1392Council And Parking Program For Persons With DisabilityD. Esgar | K. RansomR. Zenzinger6/26/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1393Expand Mental Health Diversion Pilot ProgramD. Esgar | J. McCluskieR. Zenzinger | B. Rankin6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1394Public Employees' Retirement Association Judicial Division Contribution Rate ModificationJ. McCluskie | K. RansomD. Moreno | B. Rankin6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1395End Skilled Worker Outreach, Recruitment, and Key Training Act Grants Transfer Money To General FundJ. McCluskie | K. RansomD. Moreno | B. Rankin6/26/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1396Work Force Dev Council Online Career PlatformD. Esgar | J. McCluskieR. Zenzinger | B. Rankin6/26/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1397Eliminate Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Support Of Certain BoardsJ. McCluskie | K. RansomD. Moreno | R. Zenzinger6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1398Modify Automatic Funding Mechanism For Capital ConstructionD. Esgar | J. McCluskieB. Rankin6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1399Suspend Limited Gaming Tax Transfers To Cash FundsD. Esgar | J. McCluskieD. Moreno | B. Rankin6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1400Temporary Modification Of Limited Gaming Tax Revenue AllocationD. Esgar | J. McCluskieD. Moreno | R. Zenzinger6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1401Marijuana Tax Cash Fund Spending And TransferD. Esgar | K. RansomD. Moreno | B. Rankin6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1402Revisor's BillM. Weissman | K. Van WinkleB. Gardner | P. Lee6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1403Colorado Water Conservation Board Construction Fund ProjectD. Roberts | M. CatlinK. Donovan | J. Sonnenberg6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1404Sunset Delay Sex Offender Management Board ReviewM. Weissman | M. SoperP. Lee | J. Cooke7/2/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1406Cash Fund Transfers To The General FundJ. ArndtD. Moreno | R. Zenzinger6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1407College Admission Use Of National Test ScoreC. Kipp | M. BaisleyT. Story | R. Zenzinger7/8/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1408Distribution Of HB20-1377 Capital Construction Fund MoneyD. Roberts | A. ValdezT. Story | J. Sonnenberg7/10/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1409CDPHE Inspections Of Penal InstitutionsA. Benavidez | A. GarnettR. Fields | J. Gonzales7/11/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1410COVID-19-related Housing AssistanceS. Gonzales-Gutierrez | T. ExumJ. Gonzales | R. Zenzinger6/22/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1411COVID-19 Funds Allocation For Behavioral HealthD. Michaelson Jenet | T. Kraft-TharpB. Pettersen | R. Fields6/22/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1412COVID-19 Utility Bill Payment-related AssistanceC. Kennedy | L. CutterT. Story | R. Zenzinger6/22/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1413Small Business Recovery Loan Program Premium Tax CreditsS. Bird | L. CutterR. Zenzinger | K. Donovan6/23/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1414Price Gouge Amid Disaster Deceptive Trade PracticeM. Weissman | B. TitoneM. Foote | B. Pettersen7/14/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1415Whistleblower Protection Public Health EmergenciesL. Herod | T. SullivanB. Pettersen | R. Rodriguez7/11/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1416Legislative Council Staff Initiative Fiscal SummaryA. Garnett | P. NevilleS. Fenberg | C. Holbert7/2/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1417Care Subfund In The General FundK. BeckerC. Hansen6/22/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1418Public School FinanceK. BeckerN. Todd6/30/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1419State Drug Assistance Program FundingD. Esgar | L. LandgrafD. Moreno | D. Coram7/13/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1420Adjust Tax Expenditures For State Education FundE. Sirota | M. GrayD. Moreno | C. Hansen7/11/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1421Delinquent Interest Payments Property TaxD. Roberts | L. SaineK. Donovan | J. Sonnenberg6/14/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1422Food Pantry Assistance Grant ProgramD. Esgar | L. CutterR. Zenzinger | T. Story6/22/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1423Suspend Scheduled State Legislator Salary IncreaseK. Tipper | P. NevilleR. Woodward | R. Zenzinger7/2/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1424Social Equity Licensees In Regulated MarijuanaJ. ColemanJ. Gonzales | V. Marble6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
HB20-1425Hospital Patient Visitation Rights During COVID-19T. Geitner | E. HootonJ. Smallwood | J. Ginal6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1426Limit Emergency Spending And Authorize Additional AppropriationD. Esgar | J. McCluskieD. Moreno | B. Rankin7/14/2020Sign - Administratively
HB20-1427Cigarette Tobacco And Nicotine Products TaxY. Caraveo | J. McCluskieR. Fields | D. Moreno7/8/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-002Rural Economic Development Initiative Grant ProgramB. McLachlan | B. BuentelloK. Donovan | D. Coram6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-003State Parks Improvement AppropriationD. Esgar | P. WillL. Garcia | D. Hisey6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-006Amend Colorado Opportunity Scholarship InitiativeC. Kipp | M. BaisleyR. Zenzinger | T. Story3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-007Treatment Opioid And Other Substance Use DisordersB. Buentello | J. WilsonB. Pettersen | F. Winter7/13/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-009Expand Adult Education Grant ProgramB. McLachlan | M. CatlinR. Zenzinger | B. Rankin7/8/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-011Commercial Vehicle VIN Vehicle Identification Number Verification InspectionsM. Catlin | D. ValdezD. Hisey | F. Winter3/5/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-014Excused Absences In Public Schools For Behavioral HealthD. Michaelson Jenet | L. CutterR. Fields3/23/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-017Transportation Public-private Partnership ReportingM. GrayF. Winter3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-021Tax Expenditure Bill RequirementsM. Snyder | A. BenavidezJ. Tate6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-023Colorado Working Group On School SafetyD. Michaelson Jenet | K. Van WinkleB. Gardner | J. Gonzales7/7/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-025Conservancy District Boards Art And Beautification ProjectsB. Buentello | D. EsgarL. Garcia3/11/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-026Workers' Compensation For Audible Psychological TraumaJ. Singer | T. ExumR. Fields | J. Cooke6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-028Substance Use Disorder RecoveryB. Buentello | L. HerodB. Pettersen | K. Priola6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-029Cost Of Living Adjustment For Colorado Works ProgramJ. Coleman | M. DuranR. Fields | D. Moreno7/2/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-030Consumer Protections For Utility CustomersD. EsgarL. Garcia | R. Rodriguez6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-032Employee Age To Sell Alcohol Retail Liquor StoreH. McKean | D. EsgarC. Holbert3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-033Allow Medicaid Buy-in Program After Age 65S. LontineJ. Tate | R. Fields7/6/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-034Statutory Revision Committee Annual ReportH. McKean | J. ArndtD. Moreno | R. Zenzinger3/5/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-035Kiosk Program Provider Vehicle And Identity ServicesM. Gray | T. CarverR. Scott | J. Ginal7/6/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-037Trusted Interoperability Platform Advisory CommitteeJ. SingerR. Rodriguez | R. Fields3/11/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-039Update Accessibility Signage State-owned FacilityA. Valdez | D. RobertsR. Fields | T. Story3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-041National Guard Parks And Wildlife BenefitsA. GarnettJ. Cooke | R. Zenzinger7/2/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-042Extend Committee Treatment Persons In Criminal And Juvenile Justice SystemsJ. SingerR. Rodriguez | R. Fields6/26/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-043Out-of-network Provider Reimbursement RateD. ValdezJ. Tate3/11/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-047Financial Institution Agent Analyses Not Real Estate AppraisalT. Kraft-Tharp | K. Van WinkleA. Williams | J. Tate3/11/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-048Study Strengthening Water Anti-speculation LawD. Roberts | M. CatlinK. Donovan | D. Coram3/11/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-051License Plate Expiration On Change Of OwnershipA. ValdezK. Priola7/11/2020Veto
SB20-055Incentivize Development Recycling End MarketsL. Cutter | J. ArndtK. Priola | T. Story7/13/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-056Surplus Military Vehicles Highway Use If FirefightingP. Will | B. McLachlanL. Crowder7/13/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-057Fire Prevention & Control Employee BenefitsM. Snyder | L. CutterP. Lee6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-061Yield To Bicycles In Bicycle LanesK. BeckerM. Foote3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-062Enactment of CRS 2019L. Herod | M. SoperB. Gardner | P. Lee3/5/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-063Recodify Statutes Concerning Department Of LawM. Weissman | H. McKeanP. Lee3/11/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-064Authority Attorney General Challenge Fed-reviewed Mergers And AntitrustM. Soper | K. TipperM. Foote3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-068Interstate Branches For State Credit UnionsK. MullicaD. Moreno6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-069Disabled Veterans Free State Park AccessB. BuentelloL. Garcia3/11/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-071Permissible Uses Of State-owned Motor VehiclesD. Michaelson Jenet | R. BockenfeldJ. Smallwood | R. Fields3/5/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-078Dogs On Restaurant PatiosA. Garnett | P. NevilleK. Donovan3/23/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-079Method Of Notifying People Of Amber AlertsD. ValdezR. Fields | D. Hisey3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-081School Information For Apprenticeship DirectoryT. Sullivan | C. LarsonJ. Danielson | J. Bridges3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-082Department Of Military And Veterans Affairs AwardsL. Landgraf | S. LontineD. Hisey | N. Todd3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-083Prohibit Courthouse Civil ArrestL. HerodJ. Gonzales3/23/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-085Sex Offender Community Corrections RequirementsD. Michaelson Jenet | M. SoperR. Zenzinger | B. Gardner7/7/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-086Alcohol Beverage License And Permit ExpirationM. Snyder | H. McKeanA. Williams | C. Holbert3/23/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-088Evidentiary Rules When Interference With WitnessD. Roberts | M. SoperR. Fields6/26/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-090Limit Liability For Food Donations To NonprofitsD. Esgar | B. TitoneF. Winter6/26/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-091Minimum Pay For State Military ForcesT. Exum | R. HoltorfR. Zenzinger | J. Sonnenberg3/18/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-095Middle School Students Concurrent Enrollment InformationR. Bockenfeld | J. ColemanC. Holbert | L. Garcia6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-096Remote Notaries Protect PrivacyM. Duran | T. CarverR. Rodriguez | C. Holbert6/26/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-100Repeal The Death PenaltyJ. Arndt | A. BenavidezJ. Gonzales | J. Tate3/23/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-102Provider Disclose Discipline Convict Sex OffenseY. Caraveo | B. TitoneJ. Ginal | J. Cooke6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-104Powers Of Bureau Of Animal Protection AgentsD. RobertsJ. Cooke6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-106Consent To Shelter And Services By Homeless YouthC. Kipp | B. TitoneR. Woodward | J. Ginal6/26/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-110Penalties For Liquor Law ViolationsM. SnyderA. Williams | C. Holbert7/13/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-113Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Health Facility License RequirementsD. ValdezJ. Tate3/11/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-114Registration Of Canadian Money Judgments ActK. TipperB. Gardner3/23/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-118Hazardous Materials Transportation Permit IssuanceM. Gray | D. ValdezD. Hisey6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-120Apprentice Examinations And Professional LicensesT. SullivanJ. Danielson7/7/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-123Compensation And Representation Of Student AthletesJ. Coleman | L. HerodR. Fields | J. Bridges3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-124School Construction Guideline Utility ConsultationP. Will | B. BuentelloK. Priola | C. Hansen7/2/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-126Allow Home Child Care In Homeowners' Association CommunityD. Roberts | K. Van WinkleT. Story | J. Smallwood7/8/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-129Protection Of Individuals Subject To A FiduciaryM. Froelich | K. RansomC. Holbert | J. Ginal7/10/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-134Estimate Of Non-fee Sources Of Cash Fund RevenueJ. ArndtR. Woodward | R. Zenzinger3/23/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-136Statutory Revision Commitee Omnibus BillJ. ArndtD. Moreno3/23/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-139County Loans For Public Infrastructure ProjectsM. GrayM. Foote7/7/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-140Powersports And Motor Vehicle Sales Bond RequirementJ. MeltonC. Holbert7/2/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-152Correct Senate Bill 19-263 Effective Date ErrorD. ValdezR. Zenzinger | R. Woodward3/20/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-155Keep Presumption Noninjury Well On Divided LandR. PeltonJ. Sonnenberg7/2/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-158Professional Training For EducatorsB. McLachlan | J. WilsonN. Todd6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-162Changes Related To Federal Family First PolicyS. Gonzales-Gutierrez | K. RansomB. Rankin | D. Moreno7/2/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-163School Entry ImmunizationK. Mullica | D. RobertsJ. Gonzales | K. Priola6/26/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-166Simplifying Requirements For New Birth CertificateD. EsgarD. Moreno7/13/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-167Electric Motor Vehicle Manufacturer And DealerK. BeckerC. Hansen | K. Priola3/23/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-170Update Colorado Employment Security ActD. Jackson | M. DuranJ. Danielson7/14/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-175Assessment Score On A Student's TranscriptB. Titone | B. McLachlanR. Zenzinger | B. Rankin7/8/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-176Protect Neutral Determinations In Health InsuranceB. Titone | M. YoungJ. Danielson | J. Ginal7/14/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-181Measures On Incompetent To ProceedM. WeissmanP. Lee6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-183Definition Of State Agency For SIPA Statewide Internet Portal Authority ServicesM. Baisley | B. TitoneJ. Tate | N. Todd7/8/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-185The Colorado Imagination Library ProgramK. Tipper | J. WilsonJ. Bridges | J. Tate7/10/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-186Colorado Redistricting CommissionsA. Garnett | P. NevilleS. Fenberg | C. Holbert7/11/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-194Brew Pub Retail Sales Malt Liquor Sealed ContainerM. Gray | K. Van WinkleJ. Bridges | S. Fenberg7/10/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-197Aligning State And Federal Law On HempB. McLachlan | M. CatlinS. Fenberg | V. Marble6/30/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-200Implementation Of CO Colorado Secure Savings ProgramT. Kraft-Tharp | K. BeckerK. Donovan | B. Pettersen7/14/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-201Species Conservation Trust Fund ProjectsD. Roberts | M. CatlinK. Donovan6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-204Additional Resources To Protect Air QualityD. Jackson | Y. CaraveoS. Fenberg6/30/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-205Sick Leave For EmployeesK. Becker | Y. CaraveoS. Fenberg | J. Bridges7/14/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-206Public Assistance Program Recipient DisqualificationL. Landgraf | J. SingerN. Todd | J. Cooke7/2/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-207Unemployment InsuranceM. Gray | T. SullivanC. Hansen | F. Winter7/14/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-208Extending Expiring Tax Check-offsL. Cutter | M. DuranT. Story | D. Coram7/7/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-209Act Subject To Petition Clause Bills 2020 SessionK. Becker | P. NevilleL. Garcia | C. Holbert7/2/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-210Extend UCC Fee For Fraud Investigators UnitM. SnyderJ. Gonzales6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-211Limitations On Extraordinary Collection ActionsL. HerodF. Winter | J. Gonzales6/29/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-212Reimbursement For Telehealth ServicesS. Lontine | M. SoperF. Winter | J. Tate7/6/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-213Alcohol Beverage Retail Takeout And DeliveryC. Larson | D. RobertsJ. Bridges | K. Priola7/10/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-214Suspend 2020 Legislative Interim CommitteesA. Garnett | P. NevilleS. Fenberg | C. Holbert6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-215Health Insurance Affordability EnterpriseC. Kennedy | J. McCluskieD. Moreno | K. Donovan6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-217Enhance Law Enforcement IntegrityL. Herod | S. Gonzales-GutierrezL. Garcia | R. Fields6/19/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-218CDPHE Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Hazardous Substances ResponseJ. Singer | H. McKeanS. Fenberg | P. Lee6/29/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-219Lease-purchase Issuance For Capital ConstructionA. Valdez | J. RichR. Fields | J. Sonnenberg7/14/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-220Freeze Member Per Diem AmountM. Soper | M. YoungD. Hisey | L. Garcia6/30/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-221Gay Panic Or Transgender Panic DefenseB. Titone | M. SoperD. Moreno | J. Tate7/13/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-222Use CARES Act Money Small Business Grant ProgramM. Young | P. WillF. Winter | J. Bridges6/23/2020Sign - Ceremony
SB20-223Assessment Rate Moratorium & Conforming ChangesD. Esgar | M. SoperC. Hansen | J. Tate7/13/2020Sign - Administratively
SB20-224Landlord Prohibitions Tenant Citizenship StatusS. Gonzales-GutierrezJ. Gonzales6/30/2020Sign - Administratively